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The Now Project

I remember a time not so long ago that I was constantly photographing everyday moments. I don’t know if it is because everything feels like a milestone when children are young or if I was just more eager with my camera. But unfortunately, I have noticed as my children have gotten bigger I have fewer photos of them.  I took some time to reflect and decided that I had been making excuses for my lack of effort. I needed to let go of having perfect photos. Cute outfits, tidy hair, and great light. You know what?!? That is not real life!! On weekends sometimes we don’t brush our hair, heck sometimes we are in pajamas all day long.   All my photos don’t have to be crazy creative or technically correct. I was missing out on memories because of my ego. I was afraid to take “not good photos”.  I preach personality over perfection but I wasn’t following my own advice. This is how The Now Project was born. Every week in 2017 I am making an effort to document everyday moments, sad, real, silly, unfiltered and sometimes very mundane. I throughout the idea to anyone who wanted to join in and it thrills me that others climbed aboard. I’m inspired and optimistic of where this photo project will take us in the next 52 weeks.


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Week seven

Snow, snow and more snow!!! This winter has been great for outside play. We are very fortunate that my dad plows our long driveway ( Thanks Dad!!!!), so the shoveling is all for fun. I can not even image trying to keep up with all the white stuff this year. This was a fun Sunday afternoon building a cat snow fort (poor indoor kitty)  and swinging on a tire swing that has little to no clearance anymore. P.S I even made it into one photo 🙂


Week six

I don’t know about you but in our house snow days are thought of pretty highly. Often the anticipation begins the night before. If the forecast even has a hint of bad driving conditions their snow day senses seem to tingle.  This day it wasn’t snow that kept the bus from stopping at the end of our driveway, it was ice. The way it coated the front windows of our house was magical. The girls played clapping games in Elle’s bedroom. I was fondly reminded of the silly songs from childhood.



Week five

This week was hard for me, the short days and long dark nights slow down my desire to pick up my camera. It’s late January, the monotony of life and winter blahs are in full swing. This is a regular weeknight homework session.


Week four

For as long back as I can remember I always wanted to be a Mother. When asked “what do you want to be when you grow up?” it was always my answer.  I would dream up the names I would call my future babies. What their cute little faces would look like.  Imagining how it would feel to have their chubby little fingers wrap around mine. It’s hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that this past Summer, my eldest daughter turned 10. It was a hard day for me. I cried… a lot. Partially because she is no longer a little girl. We wear the same size shoes!!! And partially because this last decade has slipped through my finger way too quickly.

This week I tagged along with Elle playing in the wooded area she loves. I let her lead and tried to keep any of my Mama worries from spoiling her fun. Elle is a child that has no problem spending time alone.  Her most trusted companion Piper, our Golden Retriever is usually the one by her side. The two of them will venture off and create hours of fun, building forts, creating adventures and watching wildlife. This day Elle had two ropes and big plans to make a tree swing. I bit my tongue about the fact the rope and knots may not hold (they did). I loved watching her problem solve to get the swing in the right position. After a successful swing, she schooled me in tree climbing.  We then finished the morning with a game of snow rescue. It is where Elle hides under a pile of snow and Piper has to dig her to safety. The tail wags and laughter were infectious.

Week three

After Christmas holidays and two weeks of multiple snow/ice days at home, Demi was starting to get a bit of cabin fever. Luckily for me, this kid loves a task.  Honestly, she begs me for a chore chart. So to fill a long afternoon,  I put her to work. First laundry, then dinner. When she came down in the chef outfit I had to stifle my giggles. She takes this stuff very seriously. Please note the menu, Skittles.


Week two

As mentioned above this project is all about documenting “the now”.  This was a freezing cold day where the sun was directly overhead (eek not my comfort zone for light)  But no excuses! I grabbed my camera and every layer of warm clothing I own.  Out “exploring” we went. P.S we never left the front yard. I ‘m happy I have this project to force me to push myself.  I now have this series of images doing something we do all the time.



Week One