Hi I’m Erin,  I am a child and family photographer based in the Peterborough, Ontario outskirts. I adore childhood and the magic it holds. I love seeing the original connection that every family has created. I find it fascinating that you can capture a photo that portrays so much emotions and brings you back to that moment. I’m sentimental and nostalgic to a fault.  My favourite portraits are those that tell a story, from the smallest detail to the goofiest grin.  I can’t wait to meet up and witness what makes your family unique. It’s going to be awesome!


 The personal part, I am a mother to Elle and Demi, two of my favourite humans, and a very cute Golden Retriever we call Piper. The wife to John, a cute guy I fell in love with when I was 15. We live out in the country in our favourite neck of the woods. I’m a Scorpio and a really bad singer. I have a quiet voice but a really loud laugh.  If I could stop time, even for a bit I would, I feel that lucky.